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Thread: Radio not impressing me!!

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    Radio not impressing me!!

    I left the arena tonight and listened to the post game which did not last very long. WWL then went to a high school football scoreboard. No call in show or post game interviews? BTW why did they get rid of Gerry V??? The new guy sounds terrible.
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    Radio not impressing you? Then return it to where you bought it

    But really, Gerry V was Hornets basketball. Getting rid of him was the dumbest idea since the pancake door.
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    I'm fairly new to basket ball. I have been to a few hornets games and held a very passing interest figuring we would lose the team eventually. After Benson bought them I jumped on the chance to get season tickets. Then we got AD and Rivers and it looked like my investment might pay off. I know a lot about football. How it's played, the game within the game, coverages, offenses, what the penalties are. In basketball I have no idea what I'm watching 3/5th's of the time. Most of the penalties confuse me. I tune in after leaving the arena for some insight and discussion so I can learn what's going on. It's very frustrating to leave and get a prep football show preempting a professional sports team.

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    Might as well accept it and get use to it, cause it is was it is ... by the way I loved Gerry V also

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    ^^ The prep high school stuff comes on after the post game show. You have to get to your vehicle quick after the game is over if you want to hear the post game show. It's really dumb and I hate it.

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    Do you ever listen to the broadcast in the hive? How close is it to real time?

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