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Thread: Do we have to pay Gordon his contract if he sits out the season?

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    Do we have to pay Gordon his contract if he sits out the season?

    Simple question do we have to pay Gordon 1/3 of his contract?
    And does it count as one of his contract years? Or does it start once he starts playing?

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    No, we have to pay it all. It counts towards contract years. We can not amnesty.

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    same as greg olden , sam bowie etc...on (IR) injure reserve for their career ...that why players want long term deals

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    As I understand it, the Hornets will be paying him $58M over the next four years even if he never plays another game.

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    This is basically the case. If he retires, we can get some relief on the cap, but it won't help Benson out as much.

    That's why hold-outs work.
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