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Thread: O/U 27.5 games without Gordon

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    O/U 27.5 games without Gordon

    This is the number I was typically seeing for the over under wins total for the hornets this season. Looking at it seems ridiculous, we won 21 games in a 65 game season last year without Gordon, so one would think we would easily be at 28+ wins. I think we'd be close to .500 with Gordon playing a full season.

    This Gordon situation is a huge story. Why would they say "indefinitely" if he wasn't going to be out a long time. If Gordon misses significant time, will we be over or under 27.5?

    I'd have a feeling we could be under. When the spurs really put their mind to it last night, we couldn't even get a shot off. If Gordon misses extended time, we will severely struggle to score consistently in the half court.

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    Just my opinion, but there is just about 0 chance this team wins under 27 games. Not the team I saw last night.

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