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Thread: Game replays / On demand

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    Game replays / On demand

    Does anyone out there have any information about Fox Sports New Orleans running replays of games, or replays being available on demand? I work nights, and will frequently miss games during the original airing. I did notice that the game replayed last night at midnight, but I would really like some more information on replays. As great as the broadcast from the new Fox Sports New Orleans was, there is almost no information about the channel available. They don't even have a website.
    I also think it's kind of BS that the NBA season pass blocks replays of locally blacked out teams. If I lived anywhere else in the world and wanted to watch the Hornets games on replay, I could get NBA season pass and watch the games commercial free whenever I wanted. I guess this is kind of irrelevant because there is nothing to be done about it, but it is very frustrating.
    Anyone have any info or suggestions about how to get replays of the games?

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    I think they did one last night at around midnight but unlike CST they have content to air during the day time so I would expect the midnight replay to be all. I think there is an NBA.com package you can look into though.

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    CST also used to re-air the game the next day around noon. I don't know if FSNO will be doing that though. If you have twitter maybe you can tweet them to get any questions you may have answered.


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