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Thread: Hornets announce several hires and promotions in basketball operations

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    Hornets announce several hires and promotions in basketball operations


    I see Nate McMillan's son now works for the Hornets.

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    ^ I really hope we don't start with this nepotism **** again and that this is actually a quality hire or giving him a chance in an unimportant position to see what he has.

    e: Looks like I was quick on the trigger. Just seems to be an internship.

    Quote Originally Posted by article
    Jamelle McMillan joins the Hornets as a coaching intern, coming to New Orleans from Drake University where he served as the director of basketball operations. McMillan, son of former Portland Trail Blazer head coach Nate McMillan, played for four years at Arizona State University and led the Pac-12 in assist-to-turnover ratio as a senior.
    We also have a local interning!

    Quote Originally Posted by article
    Zach Schreiber comes to the Hornets from Tulane University, where he previously served as a student manager for the men’s basketball team for the past three years. Schreiber takes over the position of basketball operations intern for the Hornets and has previous intern experience with the New Jersey Nets and the National Basketball Retired Players Association.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kibner View Post
    We also have a local interning!
    Yeah, because hiring unqualified people just because they're local is so much better than nepotism. And that's not a slight at Zach Schreiber, it's a slight at people who view local ties as a basketball qualification.

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    It's an internship. I don't give a crap about who gets an internship. These guys are the equivalent of "gophers". As long as they are not incompetent at whatever they are interning.

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    I think this is nice. This is how coaches become what they are and start at.

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