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Thread: ....What an offseason

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    NBA ....What an offseason

    Notables finding a new home:

    Dwight Howard
    Joe Johnson
    Steve Nash
    James Harden
    Mo Williams
    Lamar Odom
    Jamal Crawford
    Ryan Anderson
    Ray Allen
    Kyle Lowry
    Darren Collison
    Chris Kaman
    OJ Mayo
    Raymond Felton
    Andre Iguodala
    Andrew Bynum
    Arron Afflalo
    Kevin Martin
    Jeremy Lin
    Goran Dragic
    Michael Beasley
    Luis Scola
    Elton Brand
    Andrei Kirilenko
    Brandon Roy
    Anthony Davis

    That's a HUGE summer. Bring on the season!

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    Think this year was crazy? Wait until the next year (new lux tax rules start)

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