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Thread: Per ESPN NBA Fantasy, Davis will score 9.8 ppg.

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    Per ESPN NBA Fantasy, Davis will score 9.8 ppg.


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    Loooool ! I didn't expect him to play that well so early. I hope he'll continue his effort during this season. Around 14-15 pts and 10 boards !!! ROY !!!
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    He should easily win rookie of the year.

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    I think the regular season is a different beast than the preseason. I think he showed a lot in the preseason about how physically gifted he is. If he wants to be a productive 15ppg guy his rookie season he's going to have display more skills there won't be 8-10 gimme baskets a night like there was during the preseason.

    Although with all the hype coming in and after a very successful 1st preseason 9.8 seems kind of low. Maybe on a team with more offensive minded players. But on this team he should average at least 11.8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornets78 View Post
    He should easily win rookie of the year.
    It's between he an lillard. I think t Rob will come on third, but don't underrate Lillards chances considering how much he will have the ball in his hands.

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