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Thread: Hornets fan from Perth Western Australia

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    Check username

    Edit: Is this post at the top of the thread for anyone else???
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    Hornets fan from Perth Western Australia

    Hi everyone, i just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Keenan and ive been a big NBA fan for about 20 years.Ive never really followed any teams before because in Australia,for a long while, it seemed like all we got were BULLS games.This year ive made my choice......Im following the hornets.I Like Anthony Davis,im a fan of Eric Gordon and im excited about Austin Rivers. I realise this might be a tough year to follow them(a lot like you guys last year), but im in for the long haul.Ive got League Pass i can watch every game and ive managed to catch a couple of pre season games already.....im gettin pretty excited.This might be a stretch, but im hopin AD23 cando for us what Tim Duncan did for the spurs in his rookie year.I can Hope Right. Well, i look forward to chatting on here during the season.

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    Welcome to the fray.
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    Welcome to HR, mate! Cheesy, right?

    Is that even an Australian thing?
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    Welcome bro!

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    I love Australia fans!!! Hornets rule!
    CAW CAW!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perth_Hornet View Post
    Check username

    Edit: Is this post at the top of the thread for anyone else???
    I think it had something to do with the time being wonky for the site.

    But anyways, welcome KR1982Aus!!

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    My name is wuggie and I welcome you in the most least akward way possible.

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