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Thread: Season 3 - Weeks 19 and 20 Results

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    Season 3 - Weeks 19 and 20 Results

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    Mash and outlaw out. Nice.

    "I don't know if people know I dislocated my pinkie finger. And [Tyreke] told me, 'You wanna go home or you wanna be here?' I want to be here. And he said, 'All right, then go tape it up and let's play. Let's go. We not stoppin' at no stores. Straight gas. That's what we do, just keep going.'"


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    Went 7-1, very good sim.

    Barkley averaged 16 points and 9 assists.
    McKie averaged 19 points.
    Jackson averaged 15 points.
    Garnett averaged 30 points and 12 rebounds.
    Okur averaged 9 points and 9 rebounds.
    Vitalay averaged 7 points and 9 rebounds off the bench.

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    Went 5-1, I can never get through a sim without a loss #eliteteamproblems. The lone loss came at the hands of the Grizzlies, I outrebounded them, shot nearly twice as many free throws, but went 0-10 from 3 which did me in.

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    Not sure why my team still sucks...

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    Went 1-1 against the Sonics, beat the Raptors and the Cavs, lost to the pistons (that one hurts and hopefully won't come back to haunt me)

    35-34 overall. Hanging on to last playoff spot.

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    Tough sim. Won the first two games by double digits then lost the last 5 including a 46 point beatdown at the hands of the T-Wolves which pretty much ended my playoff chances. Close home losses to the Hornets and Trail Blazers probably caused the team to give up.

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    woo 5-1! Still in the playoff hunt, I didnt think a team of rookies/sophomores would be this good.
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    4-0 after the Keith Van Horn trade! Fantastic

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    ****in pacers beat me twice

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