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Thread: UK All-Access Show

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    UK All-Access Show

    So I DVRed the Kentucky All-Access show that I believe aired Tuesday night, just got around to watching it yesterday. I ended up really liking it. I thought Calipari was very honest and cool of him to let the cameras follow their every movements around like that. He talked about how it is awesome to win championships but he is really about getting guys prepared/drafted into the NBA; and how he is disappointment if he has a single season without one of his guys getting drafted. Got to see a different side of a NCAA basketball program that most people do not get to see. Good show to watch if anyone missed it.

    Here is the preview for those that missed it:

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    I've seen several interviews where Coach Cal has been candid in telling the fanbase that the early months could be rough. He said he really doesn't have a feel for what kind of team he has at this point. I'm just glad the Noel eligibility saga is behind us and we can focus entirely on the season.
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