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Thread: Can he manage the game?

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    Can he manage the game?

    Brian Roberts has indeed played well for the Horents in the preseason. Over the past years i've watched many a player perform well in the preseason only to slip when the games become real. The caliber of the competition elevates,the atmosphere takes on a whole new demension as the value of possessions rises.

    Roberts has shown he can score the ball decently,has a good enough handle and nice attack instincts.Now the becomes becomes one of....

    a- Can he manage the game? Setup his mates? Run the sets plus the break and be totally aware of time and score situations?
    The pressure is very real during the regular season and players are to be measured by the long haul.

    b- He played the past three years in Germany...there are reasons for that.

    I want to watch him over the rest of the preseason and see what i see....for now he's more of an open floor/scoring type pt guard/random situations......remember i'm thinking in terms of " is he the type of guard i can put the ball in his hands and run my stuff?...what say you?
    1-What does not move is dead.What has speed,and mobilty has more possibilities,more life...quickness creates luck.

    2- Your Defense is only as good as your HELP/ROTATING defenders.

    3-Games are won while the ball is in the air.

    4- You design your roster to win a 7 game series not a one game confrontation.

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    Right now he's a scoring guard. I wouldn't trust him to run the offense as much as I trust Vasquez. I expect him to come in the game, handle the ball, score a few buckets and keep pace while the starters are off the floor.

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