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Thread: Wages of Wins Season Prediction (Without Rookies)

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    Wages of Wins Season Prediction (Without Rookies)

    Thirty wins without factoring in rookie contributions. Gives you an idea of how they view the surrounding roster. Will be interesting to see how much that number jumps when the rookie data is added.

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    Very interesting. I remember before 10-11, these sort of things came out and projected us to do very well which came as a big surprise to many people. When we started out 11-1, I bought a lot more into these sort of projections.

    I wonder how much Gordon only playing 9 games last year affected this though.

    Based on this, I could see us going .500. I think Davis could end up giving us about 8 wins while Rivers around 2-3. Gordon also could add more wins than they project, although they might be shooting too high on Aminu and X based on their age for all we know.
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