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Thread: Warriors/Sonics

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    Warriors Recieve: Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Theo Ratliff

    Sonics Recieve: Antonio McDyess, Ernest Brown, Eduardo Najera, Pistons 2004 first, Warriors 2004 (lottery protected then unprotected in '05) first

    Warriors spend 15 points to waive the 60 day rule
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    wow good haul for Ratliff and Shareef

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    Accept. I needed to move that Ernest Brown contract.

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    And again I say: Craaaaap, I hate being in the Pacific Division!

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    The Ernest brown contract may be my grave but I had to do something. Accepted, good dealing with you hornetstime

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    Yah you too Bball Reasons, good luck. Mcdyess is a beast. Hopefully Ernest Brown can put it together.

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    Very interesting trade... that Pistons 2004 1st rounder could end up being very, very valuable.

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    It is the GM's job to keep track of your teams protections on picks, btw.

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