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Thread: Season Ticket Share

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    Season Ticket Share

    I am looking for someone to share my season tickets with for the upcoming season. Here are the seat particulars: Section 108 Row 18 seats 11,12,13,14. These seats are located above the tunnel that the Hornets come out of. This means that they are only 4 rows below these seats. Also, there is a railing to the right of seat 11; therefore, these 4 seats are on a row by themselves. No getting up for anyone other than those with you. These are also aisle seats next to Section 109. These are considered Lower Corner C seats. Just one row lower falls into Lower Corner B as does across the aisle in Section 109. Best seats in the Arena.

    Here is what I'm looking for: Someone to purchase all four of the tickets to 10 or more games at Season Ticket Holder face value price. You pick the games you want. If you want Heat, Lakers, Celtics, Thunder tickets you can have them as part of your package. I am only selling this as part of a 10 game or more package.

    Please send me a message if you are interested.

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    What is face value on them?

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    Re: Season Ticket Share

    Quote Originally Posted by Purple Haze View Post
    What is face value on them?
    Depends on who is playing. You would probably need to hit up a ticket site to get an idea for the particular games you are interested in. Face value is cheaper than that by some percent.

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    PM sent.

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    Gonna send u a message about this soon as I get to my cpu.

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