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Thread: Season tickets

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    Help Season tickets

    Anybody know when season tickets will be mailed out?

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    i dunno but i'm checking my mailbox like crazy

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    At the rate the Saints are going you might find a promo in the envelope to buy their 2013 season tickets as a Hornets season ticket holder.
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    This week is what I was told.

    Cue "Two more weeks" comments.
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    My rep said they'd start being mailed out today.

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    I'm not a STH this year but in years past they sent them around the first of October.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thechosenuno View Post
    My rep said they'd start being mailed out today.
    Your rep has talked to you? amazing, mine just takes out money. So dissatisfied.

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    We used to have a terrible rep who just took our money. One season, we had two questions, to which didn't get a polite response. We emailed someone asking to change reps and explained the situation. We got someone new, and he's great. The sad part is that the org realized how terrible our rep was at customer service. His manager said they were working on it with him.

    And PS - by no means are we high maintenance STHs. In 4 seasons, we've maybe had 2 or 3 questions before being curious about when they'd mail the tickets.

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    Mind pming me the first name of your old rep/ I'm thinking of complaining, and i HATE complaining.

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    I got mine Saturday which came right on time because it was my birthday!!Click image for larger version. 

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    thanks for the info, i am a sth for the saints already, thats how i was contacted about getting season tickets for the hornets.

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    who's that on the tickets??

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    Monty, looks like.

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