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Thread: Nice Jason Smith Interview

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    Nice Jason Smith Interview

    Hornets.com: Individually, what do you think you can improve the most this season?

    Smith: To provide more of a defensive presence in the middle is a big emphasis for me. Also to work on my body and remain healthy. I want to be there if we need that big guy to help out – whether it be because someone is in foul trouble or for any reason – and to provide leadership for the young guys. I want to use my experience. I’m really the only guy on the team who has been around for the whole time that Monty Williams has been here in New Orleans. I want to give teammates a better idea of what Coach Williams expects from them.


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    Nice find bud. Warrick with a defensive spark? Oh, Jason, you don't have to be that polite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by endlessHIMdark View Post
    Nice find bud. Warrick with a defensive spark? Oh, Jason, you don't have to be that polite.
    Haha, yeah. I thought that was a reach too. I liked what he said about Lopez, though:

    Smith: He’s a big, big body. He’s a very hard worker. He’s a very underrated low-post player. I think with our coaching staff he’s going to get a tremendous post game going. He’s going to be a very integral part of our system, and I think he’s going to be crucial player this year.
    I really do think Lopez will thrive in our system. We'll see, but I have a real good feeling about him.

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    Pistol Pete Would Be Proud!!
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    I did not know, that he was the only player, that has been here while Monty has been here. It does not take long for NBA teams to change rosters.

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