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Thread: NBA offseason recap

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    NBA NBA offseason recap

    This is basically a reminder for anyone who didn't pay the NBA a lot of attention this offseason. The seasons coming up, so here's what you missed in no particular order:

    The Hornets grabbed the first overall pick in the draft through luck, and the world cried foul that we won. Conspiracy theories and David Sterns ownership came up alot, but the part to where we cared never did. We got the Brow.

    The Pacers did Larry Bird one last solid before he reitred by drafting a white guyin the first round. Then they showed how much the will miss him in the front office by trading a starter and a bench defensive presence for a solid backup big.

    Orlando held onto Dwight Howard until they squeezed out Al Harrington.

    The Hornets grabbed Ryan Anderson in a sign and trade and the rest of the NBA collectively said he would be the worst player of all time without Dwight Howard connected at the hip.

    Phoenix participated in a scavanger hunt that included a pot head, a player you traded a away with a first just a couple of years ago on a large contract and Jermaine O'Neal (no joke needed)

    Miami decided that they needed the greatest shooter of all time and got him.

    Washington grabbed our leftover crappy contractsfrom the Paul years. Now everyone who has never seen Ariza or Okafor play say that these additions could bring Washington to the post season.

    Kevin Love basically gave his team a heads up saying that he will be the next star to force his way to a larger market.

    Derron Williams says that an overpaid SG was enough reason to sign with Brooklyn over a team with someone who carried his team to a title.

    Eric Gordon decides that Arizona is a hot spot...

    ... Too bad.

    Charlotte traded its crap for crap and a first.

    Chicago tore the leagues best bench apart and signed an average one (including the Italian Stallion himself!) to replace it.

    Thats all that comes to mind. I'm ready for the season to start.

    Lets go Hornets
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    Great job on the write-up / summary, man!
    "Its important to us to bring in good people, people who can fit in the locker room and people you want to root and cheer for. People that want to win. Were trying to build for the long haul. -Dell Demps

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    Yes, I am offically ready for the season to start. Oh dear God let it start.

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    Well, Saints are finished -- Halloween can't get here soon enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown Poster View Post
    Well, Saints are finished -- Halloween can't get here soon enough.
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