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Thread: French Quarter Flier auditions on Saturday

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    French Quarter Flier auditions on Saturday

    I'm going to try out/cover this thing for fun. Anyone else?

    The Hornets are looking for athletic and energetic performers to join their trampoline dunk team, the “French Quarter Flyers.” Team members perform high flying, acrobatic dunks at Hornets games, as well as at appearances in the community, alongside the NBA’s three-time Slam Dunk Champion, Super Hugo.


    What time should I arrive for the audition?
    Be sure to arrive before the 12:00 PM start time to allow yourself time to complete your application and release forms available on-site. You will also receive a number to wear during the audition process.

    What is the age requirement for auditions?
    You must be 18 years of age by September 22, 2012.

    What should I bring with me?
    We will provide drinks for the audition.

    Do I have to pre-register for auditions?
    Pre-registration is encouraged, but walk-ups are welcome.

    Is being a member of the French Quarter Flyers a full-time job?
    No, being a member of the French Quarter Flyers is a seasonal job opportunity that begins in October 2012 and ends in June of 2013. Members are required to practice a minimum of (1) time per week at an organized practice hosted by the Hornets and are required to perform at designated Hornets games and appearances.

    How many games and appearances will I be required to work for the 2012-2013 Season?
    The French Quarter Flyers will perform at 8+ games during the season in addition to appearing at events throughout the Greater New Orleans area.

    What is the game day arrival time for French Quarter Flyers members?
    All French Quarter Flyers members are required to arrive 3 1/2 hours prior to tip-off (i.e. 3:30 PM for a normal 7:00 PM tip-off.

    Do I need gymnastic or basketball experience?
    We are seeking athletic performers who are in top physical condition and who have the ability to hit a trampoline. Ball handling and basketball skills are also a plus.

    Do I need to prepare anything for the auditions?
    Candidates will have the opportunity to showcase their talents in various portions of the audition process. Please be prepared to show us what you’ve got and do not hold back!

    What should I wear?
    Participants should wear athletic attire that allows them to run, jump, etc. Athletic shoes are also required (basketball shoes preferred for dunking).

    May I bring a friend, parent, child to tryouts?
    Auditions are closed to the public. Please do not bring guests (including family and children) to any part of the tryouts.
    For more information on the French Quarter Flyers or this year’s auditions,
    please email your questions to [email protected].
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    Yeah...I think I'd like to keep my neck unbroken.

    Good luck Joe! lol


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    I'm actually not sure I'll really try out. We'll have a camera there at least though.

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    All I can say is good luck to whoever does this.

    Also, that email seems so fake, lol. "Bailey" is slang (in England, I think) for swimsuit. That same name was also used as a password in the original Metroid. It started you out with several items but was also the only way to play as Samus without her suit.

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