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Thread: Just Joined HR!

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    Just Joined HR!

    Hey guys, I have been a longtime viewer of HornetsReport and today I finally decided to join the community and I just wanted to get this first post out of the way. I am very excited about the upcoming season and have a lot of opinions to share but in order to just get this first post done quickly I'll just share one. I was just recently able to watch Robin Lopez's interview with the local media and after hearing the questions they directed to him and articles that were written prior to it, it seems that our local media is expecting a little too much out of Sideshow Bob. I understand that being named "starter" doesn't necessarily mean that a player will play more minutes than his "backup" however the consensus notion of our local media that he will be awarded a starting spot and strive in that role is laughable to me. I am a huge fan of the addition especially based on the terms of the contract. Lopez is a big body and will bring good size to the second unit and my disagreement with him as a starter is not an indictment of his ability. If Lopez would start at Center with Davis at PF Aminu at the 3 Vasquez at point and Gordon running the offensive show at the two, there is one legitimate, proven offensive option in the starting 5. Teams would be able to focus on Gordon out of the gate and that lineup could put the Hornets in a lot of early holes. The bench however has a few scoring options in Mason Warrick Smith and Rivers. So wouldn't Lopez's physicality be better served solidifying the bench and Anderson's scoring the starting lineup? Anyway, I am excited about the direction of the team, I am glad to finally be a member of HR, and am ready for this season to start. GEAUXHORNETS PS I apologize for the randomness of the thread I was just anxious to get one out there. Peace & Love

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    Hey man. Welcome to the fam!

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    RoLo's role is that of the enforcer. Cover the strong guys, play helpside when someone loses their man and generally be tall. I hope noone expects him to go out there and pick up Kaman's role and be active on th offensive end. If he can just rebound at a higher rank I'll be extatic with the pickup.

    Oh and welcome friend.

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    Think the mods are going to have to call blocking on that post.

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    Welcome to the family!
    "Its important to us to bring in good people, people who can fit in the locker room and people you want to root and cheer for. People that want to win. Were trying to build for the long haul. -Dell Demps

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