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Thread: NBA 2K: NO CREW!!!

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    NBA 2K: NO CREW!!!


    Clear cut answer now if I buy this or Blops 2. Woulda been fun to play with Anthony Davis & Austin Rivers.
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    I couldn't even tell you what that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CP3forMVP View Post
    I couldn't even tell you what that is.
    Crew is a game mode where you & your friends take your my players online & go against other people and their players. You created your team & Uniforms! Insanely popular in 2K11 but they took it out in 2K12 without letting people know!

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    I played 2k11 and I'm with CP3, I guess I just never played it. I didn't even know about it until I saw DCoop's videos talking about wanting it back for 2K13

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    I figured it wasn't going to be in 2k13 or they would have already announced it. It was a great game mode if they just would have done something about all the cheaters. I don't know if it will hurt sales of the game but a lot of die hard 2k fans on their forums have vowed not to buy the game if they didn't bring it back. What pisses me off so much is how they went about it. Crew was a very popular game mode and had a ton of potential and then the next year they took it out without any reasoning. They later claimed that they didn't have time in development to enhance it and do it right so they just took it out. Well that was 2 years ago. You would think that would be enough development time for them to get it right. There are fans blowing up their twitter, facebook, and forum about if it will be in this year and they continue to ignore the subject. It just seems like really shady business tactics to me. They claim to be all about listening to what the fans want and making changes but yet they won't even touch on the topic of if there is or why there isn't a crew mode this year. They want to take out a really popular game mode and add stupid **** to the game like more press conference questions and kinect BS. I'll get it no matter what because I love basketball and it is the best basketball game out there it just irks me how they are always on their forum asking what people want in the game and they have thousands of people asking about and wanting crew to come back but they ignore it.

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    I could care less about crew and I
    Play 2k for 8-9 months a year. I don't get into the online thing though because unless
    U know the person they'll do whatever to win and not play sim, which I like.

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    Still buying the game. At least the developer said that there wasn't enough time to put it in, but they'll definiately think about it next year from all the demand.

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    They will add it next year so they can bring the New Orelans Krewe with the Crew Mode !!!
    CAW CAW!!!

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