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Thread: 2012-2013 Bee Zanies Tryouts!

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    2012-2013 Bee Zanies Tryouts!

    Looks like we're officially back for the '12-'13 season again!

    For those interested in attending Hornets games and supporting our team for free, tryouts will be held on Sept 27th at 7PM at Walk Ons on Poydras (2nd floor)

    -Hornets Fan (no need to be costumed, but must wear Hornets gear to games -- but costumes are pretty fun)
    -Able to stand and give it your all for 4 quarters (no sitting, unless during down time or timeouts)
    -21 years old
    -Drink Budweiser (it's our sponsor, so only bottles of beer we can buy are Budweiser -- tap beers can't be proven so yeah)
    -Do not need to be able to attend every game, usual misconception about us. As long as you tell them prior to a game or get a replacement, you'll be fine.

    Our turnout the past few years have been minimal, but hopefully it'll be promoted better this year and we'll have a strong group to cheer along with us. Come on out!


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    Unfortunately I'm not 21, but what you're telling me is that you don't have to pay for these tickets if you get accepted?
    "Its important to us to bring in good people, people who can fit in the locker room and people you want to root and cheer for. People that want to win. Were trying to build for the long haul. -Dell Demps

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    Yup, our tickets are purchased/sponsored by Zatarains and Budweiser, hence their logos on anything related to us.

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