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Thread: ESPN Ranks Anthony Davis @ 62

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    ESPN Ranks Anthony Davis @ 62


    Even though he has never played an NBA game, We some some of him at the Olympics. The guy looked spectacular for being a rookie. No way after this year his rank is above 40. This guy is going to be a star. Can't wait for Simmons trade value column.
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    I won't really sink in that we got him until he steps on a court wearing a NOLA uni.

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    Its all about Monty and the guys that are developing him. Defensively we know he's gonna block/change shots, but all we saw of him in the Olympics on the offensive end we ally-oops.

    If he could be consistent from about 17 and in, and develop a decent post game he's gonna be sick. David West didn't have a polished game when we drafted him, but AD seems to be more driven.

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    He's got an 80 in 2k13 btw

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