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Thread: Hornets Insider:Four things to know about the NBA education of Anthony Davis

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    Hornets Insider:Four things to know about the NBA education of Anthony Davis

    During a whirlwind summer in which he was chosen as the NBA’s No. 1 overall draft pick and also won an Olympic gold medal, Anthony Davis has been called a franchise-changing, once-in-a-generation talent. He’s also been deemed the most intimidating defensive presence to come out of the college ranks in the last 20 years – if not longer.

    As the 6-foot-10 University of Kentucky product approaches his official pro debut in October, however, there’s one description he has yet to be tagged with: Finished product.

    The 19-year-old Chicago native is just 18 months removed from playing high school basketball. Furthermore, due to his much-discussed, eight-inch growth spurt, he’s only been a frontcourt player for a relatively brief period of time. As recently as his sophomore year at Perspectives Charter School, he was a 6-foot-2 guard. For his part, Davis has publicly listed several short-term personal goals, telling the New York Times recently that he hopes to be named the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year in 2012-13. Although Davis is projected by many to make a significant impact on the Hornets this season, New Orleans’ coaches and staff are even more focused on his future, long-term development.

    Less than a month from Davis donning a Hornets uniform for the first time in a Mexico City preseason game Oct. 7, here are four things to know about the player’s preparation for ’12-13 and beyond:

    Davis has unique mentors on New Orleans staff

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    Hanson, who came to the Hornets from the San Antonio Spurs, is just 32 years old, a former professional player in Argentina and Germany. As a result, he’s able to replicate the in-game experience that Davis will encounter in the league. “Because of my size, I give (Hornets bigs) the look of an NBA body every day,” Hanson explained. “I’m not as athletic as (active NBA players), but I have the length and size on me to help with the workouts. I’m trying to get them used to the physicality of playing in the NBA.” It won’t be unusual this season to see Hanson giving Davis a hands-on tutorial – literally – on how to use leverage to hold position under the rim, or to demonstrate correct positioning of elbows and knees while defending in the low post, for example. The coach believes that experience is invaluable and more closely replicates game action, as opposed to a frontcourt player practicing his moves against “air.”
    Oh me likey.

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    With the Hornets, Daniel is a department of one, and must be available for players before and after practice for strength and or maintenance training
    Wow we should get this guy some help he needs a full staff imo

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