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Thread: Hornets C Robin Lopez looking to help team go somewhere special

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    Hornets C Robin Lopez looking to help team go somewhere special

    WESTWEGO, La. Ė Robin Lopez spent the past four seasons playing basketball for the Phoenix Suns, a franchise known for run-and-gun tactics and little defense.

    And he didnít fit in.

    A month ago, however, Lopezís world changed and, listening to him, it did so for the better.

    The Hornets acquired Lopez, along with forward Hakim Warrick, in a trade with the Suns.

    And suddenly, Lopez is on a team known for methodical possessions on offense and stout defense.

    New Orleans Hornets center Robin Lopez hoping for new start without injuries this upcoming season

    New Orleans Hornets newly acquired center Robin Lopez is hoping for a fresh start in the Big Easy that hopefully wonít include a repeat of injury problems that has limited him in two of the previous three seasons.

    Since 2009, Lopez has had a foot fracture, a bulging disk and knee problems. A week after the Hornets acquired Lopez last month in a trade with the Phoenix Suns, he underwent successful surgery to correct a tear of his medial meniscus in his left knee.

    Lopez, however, has been doing his rehabilitation work at the Alario Center and is on schedule to be fully recovered before training camp begins this October, according to the Hornets.

    ``Right now I feel great honestly,íí Lopez said Thursday at the Alario Center, his first media availability since the July 27 trade. ``I think Iím going to play it safe obviously. We still have to go before the season starts, so Iím not going to rush it or anything. But Iíll say Iím feeling good and Iím excited to be here.íí

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    Hey, I'm one of the tweeted questions on there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. West View Post
    Hey, I'm one of the tweeted questions on there
    Same here.

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    I saw rocket on there too. Great job, guys!

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    Can't help but notice the new backdrop:

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    Yeah, it's not quite as crap now.

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