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Thread: NBA, Ticketmaster create comprehensive ticketing site

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    NBA NBA, Ticketmaster create comprehensive ticketing site

    NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES -- The National Basketball Association selected Ticketmaster, a Live Nation Entertainment company, to develop a comprehensive online ticketing destination for NBA fans. As the Official Ticketing Provider of the NBA, Ticketmaster will present buyers all of the available ticket options for upcoming games, including available tickets from the primary market, as well as tickets being resold by other fans. NBA fans will be able to buy with confidence, as Ticketmaster will validate every ticket purchased on the league's site, making it the premier destination where fans are guaranteed authentic NBA tickets.


    The NBA announced an aggressive move in the ticket landscape Monday, joining forces with Ticketmaster to create the sports world's first website that will list tickets for games sold by both teams and fans.

    As fans and brokers have taken to the secondary market to resell tickets, many teams have felt left out of the game, as secondary ticketing sites like StubHub get a percentage from the buyer and the seller.

    In one recent survey, the NBA found that 70 percent of fans who had purchased tickets from a secondary site went to the team site first and didn't find what they were looking for. Another survey reflected that two out of every three fans wanted to shop for their tickets in only one location.

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    Sounds like its the same thing as the NFL ticket exchange.

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    I just hope the NBA doesn't start charging 4.95 per ticket just to print or email. If I give want to give my saints tickets to a client I have to pay jujst to email them. I also give my 2 hornets tickets away sometimes. I'm certainly not giving tickets away it will cost me 10 bucks to do so.
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