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Thread: ESPN article that talks about Aminu

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    ESPN article that talks about Aminu


    This article in insider lists six highly drafted players that need to step up before being called a bust. It features Michael Beasley, Evan Turner, John Wall, Wesley Johnson, OJ Mayo, and Aminu. Wouldn't let me copy and paste it from my iPhone so here is what it says:

    "Aminu came into the league with the expectation that he'd eventually become a Josh Smith or Thadeus Young tweener but in a good way forward. Defensively, he has not been too far from that archetype, but rebounding aside he hasn't really provided any where near the level of all around versatility you'd expect from those pre-draft comparisons.

    The big thing holding Aminu back is his offensive game or lack thereof. Even acknowledging that his scoring numbers were not supposed to blow anyone away, he has scored 10.5 career points per 36 minutes and created precious few scoring chances for himself or others. Part of that can be chalked up to bad finishing; among regular forwards in 2011-12, he had the league's eighth worst field goal % on attempts at the rim.

    It should be noted that Aminu isn't an outright bad player. After taking his defense into account, he actually had a positive regularized plus/minus last season. But a lifetime PER of 10.1, he's definitely on pace to be something of a bust relative to where he was drafted."

    by Neil Paine of Basketball-Reference.com

    This is somewhat a make or break year for Mr. Aminu and I am of the people that hopes he improves and somewhat reaches some of that pre-draft potential!

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    Just curious, what does VORP stand for?

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    I believe it stands for "Value over replacement player", but I could be wrong. I was wondering the same and googled it lol!

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    No one thinks he's gonna he special, if better than average that's a bonus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrimeTimeWhoDat View Post
    I believe it stands for "Value over replacement player", but I could be wrong. I was wondering the same and googled it lol!
    This is correct. It is a sabermetric whose goal is to compare the value of a player to the average free agent at his position.

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    I agree with the article and been saying this season is a make or break for big drowsy. I just hope we see that specialness that I know he has in him this season. At least some of it.
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    I talked about the other day how some guys buy into their roles and make a name for themselves in the league, and some guys never buy into their roles and are out of the league within 4 or 5 years. Aminu launched 14 threes in 5 games, that's almost 3 per game. That isn't him, he needs to buy into his roll (on this team) or he won't last long.

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