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Thread: Australian Boomer Joe Ingles

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    Question Australian Boomer Joe Ingles

    I wanna start off by saying im Aussie and a huge Hornets fan so i always wanna see the 2 mix if it means the Hornets get a good deal out of it. I have been really impressed with Joe Ingles and i think he can play at the top level, as i said im bias being Aussie has anybody seen him play and think the same. Could the Hornets use his talents? He has had a good Olympics so far.

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    If not Ingles is there anybody else u think Dealer Dell should be chasing from London2012

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    I think he's been a very impactful player, but I don't think he's right for the NBA. He had his chance with Golden State a few years ago but was unable to pick up a roster spot for the season. I love Joe, I think he's a great player and by far is the best player on the Boomers squad (playing way better than Patrick Mills is), but I think he'll be a European player for the rest of his career (before he comes back to the NBL).

    There's nothing wrong with that, especially playing for Regal FC Barcelona. He's playing good ball there.

    Let's see if he gets a summer league invite in the future, though I doubt it.
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    It would be nice, but he just isn't good enough for NBA level play

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    No way.. patty mills!

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    Yeah Ingles has been impressive, played against him and Brad Newley when I was younger, was at AIS when I first got there. He has definetly gotten better in the last few seasons in Spain but not sure if he is NBA ready. Would definetly have loved to get my boy Patty at the Bees when he came back from China, as I made no secret of here. He is an absolute **** to guard.

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    Who watched the boomers game tnite VS Russia? Don't wanna be a spoiler, so i wont say anything right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfanfromaus View Post
    Who watched the boomers game tnite VS Russia? Don't wanna be a spoiler, so i wont say anything right now.
    ill tell ya one thing..

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    Yeah Patty for the win!!!

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    I've been pretty impressed with Britain's Daniel Clark. No way he has a spot on our team, but he hustles hard and has a pretty good stroke from anywhere on the floor it seems.

    I only watched 2 or 3 games for GB thus far, but in every single one, when GB needed a run of some kind he would always step in and hit a nice string of shots.

    A few Russians have stood out, but.... I can't really get those named right.

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    Alot of NBA teams including Wolves and Chicago and a few other unknown teams are interested in him now.. maybe we could be one of them with the serve lack of SF spot.

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    im also aussie and no thankyou

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    20 Points 6/8 shooting against team USA isn't good enough ? For at most a role player

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    I'm Aussie too and he could be a good fit. Better than Henry anyway.

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