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Thread: Pg Rod Strickland

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    Pg Rod Strickland

    Sonics offer:

    1 year, vet min

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    Celtics also offer 2 year vet min
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    Lakers offer 2 Year Vet Min
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    Wizards offer 2 years vet min
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    Changed my offer

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    Rescind Offer.
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    I feel like I'm wasting my time compared to Sound.
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    I think Sound just upped the standards in the league.
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    Quote Originally Posted by janjanjanjan3 View Post
    Changed my offer
    so did i

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    Lakers Change offer

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    Blazers offer two year vet minimum

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    Is my 2 year vet min greater since he was last on my team? Or does it not matter since I'm over the cap?

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    you can offer whatever, he was on your team last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeeBall Reasons View Post
    you can offer whatever, he was on your team last year.
    Yeah but with me being over the cap I can only offer the min or an exception, I just didn't know if my minimum offer would be better than yours, since I am trying to resign him.

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    you can pay him whatever you want, you have his bird rights, it doesn't matter that you are over the cap.

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    You need more than one bird year I thought ? I would have kept Aaron Williams if that was true.

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    He can go over the cap, but he still needs to stay in his min and max.

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