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Thread: Movie Discussion: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

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    Movie Discussion: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

    So what do you all think?

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    Awesome movie. Not as good as The Dark Knight, but it was worth the money easily.

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    I thought it was excellent!! The action scenes were epic as expected. Very good plot. Tom Hardy played Bane super well. Not as good as The Dark Night, but definitely one of the best movies of the summer.
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    It was worth watching in the theater, which is far more than I can say about most movies. I enjoyed it and will pick up the new Batman trilogy on Blu Ray if it gets released.

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    It was good. Makes u want to see Batman Begins so I can have a refresher.

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    Anne Hathaway was a much better Catwoman than I expected. Very good.

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    I loved it. Different style from the Dark Knight due to the villain. Bane was more methodical, menacing while the Joker was an unpredictable loose cannon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrandAdmiral View Post
    Awesome movie. Not as good as The Dark Knight, but it was worth the money easily.Are you looking for a fantasy online game? Here is a browser-based MMORPG called Odin Quest, but the game Odin Quest is 2D game. If you like 2D fantasy mmorpg, you can't miss it.

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    Excellent! I have seen this film twice~
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