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Thread: Directv losing comedy central, mtv, spike tv, nickelodeon tonight at 12!!!!

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    Breaking News Directv losing comedy central, mtv, spike tv, nickelodeon tonight at 12!!!!

    along with 22 other crap channels


    i know this will be moved but no one really knows about this and i don't know what im going to do without comedy central
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    I see the contract with Viacom is running out and DirecTV is playing hardball.


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    Anyway, no biggie here, I watch a few things on Spike, but nothing to get worked up about. Most of the Viacom stuff is useless and in perpetual reruns.


    DIRECTV is not willingly removing MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Spike or any other channels even though Viacom began telling viewers exactly that at approximately 11:24 p.m. EST last night. The truth is, that only 5 minutes later, Viacom sent an express letter via courier to DIRECTV threatening legal action if DIRECTV did not comply with Viacom’s demand that DIRECTV turn off the channels. Viacom is legally forcing us to take down the channels, while publicly claiming they are against it.

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    Glad to see they were able to get this resolved.

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