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Thread: Round 3: Nets vs Pacers

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    Round 3: Nets vs Pacers

    Brooklyn Nets

    C : Javale McGee - Brandan Wright
    PF : Al Horford - Larry Sanders - Reggie Evans
    SF : Rudy Gay - Tracy McGrady - Jonas Jerebko
    SG : Paul George - Evan Turner
    PG : Chauncey Billups - Brandon Jennings

    Quote Originally Posted by janjanjanjan3 View Post

    Defense will be synonymous to the Brooklyn Nets. The length and athleticism of this team will be our major weapon.

    Point Guard
    Chauncey Billups will lead the team but due to his old age his minutes will be significantly lower than what he used to get. he will definitely be an option during crunch time.
    Brandon Jennings, a spit-fire guard will mainly back him up and anchor our running game, providing major scoring from the bench.
    Evan Turner will see some action here when we match up against taller PGs, his defense and length will be key in containing the other team's play makers

    Shooting Guard
    Paul George will be the main guy to man the SG spot, he has 3pt shooting, athleticism, length and defense. and did i mention he's 6'10"?
    Evan Turner will be the guy to backup George, he can also handle the ball and help with the play making
    Tracy McGrady can provide some offense and veteran leadership

    Small Forward
    Rudy Gay is the Net's main perimeter scorer and finisher on the break, which we plan to have a lot of because of our defense, a good defender and a clutch scorer too
    Paul George due to his size can also play some SF
    Tracy McGrady will see some time here too

    Power Forward
    Al Horford's natural position, he will be the main post scorer, he has the size to bang down low and the quickness to guard the smaller PFs.
    Larry Sanders is very athletic and will provide hustle with the back up unit
    Rudy Gay can get limited minutes here, when we play our quick lineup

    Javale McGee will be our man in the middle, providing help defense and tough interior defense. he will also provide comic relief every once in a while with his boneheaded plays
    Brandan Wright is almost like McGee, the length and athleticism will make him a good with on-ball and help defense.
    Al Horford can also see some action here with our small and quick lineup


    Indiana Pacers

    PG: Kyle Lowry/Jordan Farmar/John Lucas
    SG: Ray Allen/Daniel Green
    SF: Shawn Marion/Corey Maggette
    PF: Carlos Boozer/Antawn Jamison/Drew Gooden
    C: Dwight Howard/Boris Diaw/Drew Gooden

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    Any matchup between these 2 teams will be an ugly defensive slugfest. First team to break 80 might win. I don't think Indiana's THAT much better, but I can kind of picture Dwight getting 20/15, and Boozer, Allen, and Marion all getting between 12-15 points when they matchup.

    While I'm leaning Pacers, I could see the Nets depth w/ big men getting Dwight in foul trouble, and that could swing the game in the other direction. When push comes to shove, I have no idea where the Nets are getting their points toward the end of a tight, low scoring ballgame (maybe Billups?). I could kind of see Indiana being more likely to win a tight one (especially with Allen maybe hitting a clutch 3 or two, and maybe with Marion and Howard making clutch defensive plays that turn into transition baskets) I'll go with the Pacers - but it's not an easy choice.
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    Max Contract Pelicans78's Avatar
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    I hate the Nets since they beat my Jazz. But I go with them.

    Emeka Okafor - Joe Smith - Carmelo Anthony - Manu Ginobili - Jason Williams

    Al Jefferson - James Posey - Aaron McKie - Shaun Livingston

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    I think the Pacers control the tempo defensively and ahve more go to scorers. While the Nets have more depth, during the crunch time their starters will be on the court and IMO the Pacers starters are better than the Nets so I go with them.

    My opinion of course.

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    I just don't see anyone stopping Dwight Howard, you know unless he wants to go easy on the Nets because that's where he wants to play. And yea I think the Nets have a tough time scoring.

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    Bump this, it needs more votes. So close right now.

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    Reallly close for me, but Pacers mainly b/c they have Dwight and the Nets best scorer Rudy will have Marion smothering him all game

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    you know - all the people that commented picked the pacers, but the Nets are winning. What are some of your reasons for choosing this Nets team if you voted for them?

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    Going with the Nets; the Pacers are simply too old. Plus I hate Carlos Boozer, as does every Bull fan. l think the Net's bench is slightly better and they have the clear advantage from 2-4. Point guards are a wash, and of course the Pacers get the nod at the 5 because they have the best center in the game-----Dwight Howard. Two good teams, but I think the Nets matchup better here. They are younger, have more length, and are the deeper team of the two.

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    Ill take the Pacers in double OT as long as Antwan backs up at the SF Maggette is beyond bad at basketball at this point in his career.

    But if Lowry goes down they are SOL

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    OK now i need to explain my strategy for this matchup, I was praying i dont get the Pacers this round because I think they are really good.

    The Nets' biggest advantage is they are 8-man deep, with interchangeable pieces. take out one of my starter be it because of injury or foul trouble and the talent drop will not be that big. Jennings can backup the 1 and sometime 2, Turner can play 1-3, Wright can play 4 and 5. My starters are also very flexible, George can play 2 and 3, Gay can sometimes play 4, Horford 4 and 5.

    IF you look at the Pacers, Take away Dwight and they have Diaw. Take away Lowry and they have Farmar. Take away Marion and Maggette comes off the bench.

    People argue that the Nets will have a hard time scoring, I agree, but so will the Pacers. I do have an important player off the bench who can provide the scoring after our starters tire each other one out. That is Jennings, Jennings can play the role of Jason Terry to this team

    Another problem I have with the Pacers is Lowry, I dont think Lowry is a good fit with Dwight, Lowry to me is a drive and dish PG who plays it tough, but the length of my frontcourt will make it hard for him to do that. I think hes just a stat stuffer, theres a reason the ROckets want Dragic over him even if they will still have to resign Dragic to a bigger contract while they can settle with lowry at a very affordable price.

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    I wrote this about you Mr. West's Avatar
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    This is fantastic. Should I lose, I definitely think that the Nets go all the way. I was disappointed with the first round and how most of the matches were blowouts, but much the same as this game would be closer than those, the voting is neck and neck.

    Great matchup, very hard to pick a winner. May the best team win.

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