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Thread: Round 3: Pistons vs Bulls

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    Round 3: Pistons vs Bulls

    Detroit Pistons

    PG Tony Parker/Norris Cole/Luke Ridnour
    SG Tony Allen/Leandro Barbosa
    SF Luol Deng/Al Farouq Aminu/Jan Vesely
    PF David West/Tyrus Thomas
    C Roy Hibbert/Marcus Camby


    Chicago Bulls

    PG- Russell Westbrook/Ramon Sessions
    SG- Klay Thompson/Mo Williams
    SF- Shane Battier/Corey Brewer/Dahntay Jones
    PF- Chris Bosh/Lamar Odom/Gustavo Ayon
    C- Joakim Noah/Gustavo Ayon/Ben Wallace

    Team Description

    Quote Originally Posted by NOH2313 View Post

    The basic premise behind every good team is that it has one superstar. So I traded for Westbrook. Check. Next, I wanted to surround Westbrook with players who could run the floor with him, and stretch the defense in half court situations with their outside shooting. In comes Klay Thompson and Corey Brewer. Every good team needs secondary scoring options. I think Bosh is as good as those come. Now Bosh isn't an elite defender by any means, so I needed a Center who would do the dirty work and provide second chance points/opportunities. Done, with the trade for Noah. Lastly, a good team needs depth. And with that depth, there needs to be a good blend of offensive firepower and defensive prowess. Offensive firepower: Moe Williams and Lamar Odom. Two of the better scoring bench players in the NBA, including a former sixth man of the year. Ben Wallace and Ayon round out what I consider an excellent, versatile frontcourt. Sessions was a steal, and is an excellent 1 to bring off the bench. I needed a true point. Someone who could beat their man, penetrate, and make the high percentage plays. Sessions does all those things. Finally I needed a bit more depth and perimeter defense. In my opinion, Battier is one of the most underrated/underappreciated players in the league. He is extremely smart and continues to be one of the better perimeter defenders in the game. Watch Game 1 of the NBA Finals or the Lakers-Rockets series in 2008. Those games will give you a clue to just how good he has been and remains. Dahntay Jones was the last player I drafted. He gives my team an edge, additional perimeter defense, and outside shooting. All in all, I wanted a team that primarily runs the floor and utilizes Westbrook's talents. Check. I also wanted the team to be versatile enough to execute half court sets when neccesary. Check. I wanted the team to have a unique blend of offensive firepower and defensive intensity. Check. And I wanted to have a team with length. Check. Hope you like my team as much as I do.
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    I could argue for either team. I'm sure the owners will do that.

    Both Westbrook and Parker have the ability to completely take over a game. Maybe Westbrook is more explosive, but he also has more potential to play poorly. I'll call their matchup a wash.

    Tony Allen will annoy the hell out of Klay Thompson on defense , but I'm not sure how much scoring Allen will provide himself. The Bulls have a very tough frontcourt defensively. The Hibbert/West combo is difficult to defend, but I give the Bulls a small edge here - I think Noah/Bosh can slow down West, and Hibbert will get his, but doesn't have that necessary killer mentality.

    Both Deng and Battier are likely to help out in the low post in defending their opponents inside threats. Deng is more of a difference maker than Battier, so he gets the edge in that matchup.

    Neither team has a great bench. Detroit has major length with Thomas and Aminu, and Camby is always a tough defender inside. Hard to know what you'll get from Wallace/Odom this late in their careers, as they've shown inconsistency in the last few seasons. I think Sessions/Williams will be more help to Chicago's backcourt than Cole/Barbosa.

    Since the teams are pretty much completely even....in a tough series, I want the team that has a more intense mentality. In a close game, I think the Pistons would rely on Parker and West for clutch scoring. I think the matchup of West against either Bosh/Noah will annoy and frustrate him, majorly hurting his midrange game. Therefore, Parker is the main option (and not a bad one) for them in the last 5 minutes of a close game.

    The Bulls have an uber-intense (and sometimes selfish) Westbrook, who can take over a game more effectively than anyone on the floor here. They have a battle-tested Chris Bosh, capable of scoring with a dagger in the clutch. Battier can hang behind the 3-point line and break the Pistons heart. Noah has the ability to make a clutch defensive/hustle play, and his ferocious energy should vibe well with Bosh and Westbrook's intensity. Playoff-experienced Mo Williams can come off the bench and hit a big 3. There's also Corey Brewer hanging around, and he can hit a clutch shot or two. If Westbrook's in unstoppable mode, Klay could get left alone, and that could hurt the Pistons as well. I think the Bulls have way more going for them in a tight game, in my opinion.

    When this whole thing started, I thought the Pistons came out of the draft with the best team. However, in this matchup, I like the Bulls a little better. I think when push comes to shove, they're more ferocious and intense. I prefer the Bosh/Noah/Battier combo over Deng/West/Hibbert in the last 5 minutes of a big game. Hibbert's excellent, but has never shown the proclivity to take over when needed.

    I'm going with the Bulls here. Definitely not an easy choice. Parker is an awesome player, and West can have ice water in his veins, but the Bulls just have a little more going for them when the game gets fierce.
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    I honestly think Allen will spend this game dogging Westbrook and it'll be hard for him to get in the paint with that front line, I think he'll chuck some long 2s in this one, you're then asking Bosh to score for you as the main option and I don't think he can do that. Narrowly going Pistons.

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    Tough matchup for me, that's for sure. But I still like my team more. Here's why.

    Two great point guards. Westbrook has the ability to take over a game. He can drive past you, and if you sag, he has no problem knocking down his signature mid-range jumper. There's really no way you can stop him no matter which Piston is on him. Allen can't guard quick point guards. If you watched the Clippers-Grizzles series, you'd see that. Parker, on the other hand, can also take over a game. However he often struggles to determine when its more helpful to take over or when its more helpful to distribute. While he can penetrate almost any defense, I love my interior defensive combination of Bosh and Noah, and more importantly, he has nobody to pass it out to who can punish my team from long range other than Deng. I, on the other hand, have both Klay Thompson and Shane Battier waiting at the 3 point line to meet their mark. Bosh/Noah vs. West/Hibbert is another interesting matchup. I give my combination the slight edge as Bosh's length should give West fits (God knows how bad of a defender West is) and Hibbert hasn't proven to be a consistent offensive threat. Not to mention that Noah is one of the better post defenders in the league. Lastly, I like my bench more. Sessions and Williams is a much more backcourt dangerous combination than Cole and Barbosa. He gets absolutely no offensive punch from Aminu, Thomas, or Camby. Who's going to score when they are all on the floor? I, on the other hand, have a former 6th man of the year in Lamar Odom who can slide in at the 3,4,or 5 and play with my starters or take over when the backups are in the game. I'd like to close with something Sleeping Bunch pointed out, and this is extremely important. His team has no killers. Sure West has some attitude, but what about the rest of his team? I believe my roster has the right blend of young, confident players and experienced vets who are all capable of making big plays in crunch time. Vote Bulls! And thanks for getting me so far guys. I appreciate it.

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    The Franchise bustahyndes's Avatar
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    With Tony Allen playing on Westbrook this game, I believe he is the key to shut down the Bulls points. Very even match

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    People are severely overrating Tony Allen's perimeter defense. He has never proven capable of shutting down quick 1s. Didn't anybody watch the LAC-MEM series. Paul was getting anywhere he wanted to, whenever he wanted to, when Allen guarding him. Assuming he can neutralize Westbrook is just silly.

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    The Franchise bustahyndes's Avatar
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    CP3 is the 4th best player in the game don't forget that, and #1 PG

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    They have a better overall setup in their starting five! Tony Parker can pick-n-pop with DWest or penetrate the paint, Roy Hibbert postup game(shot blocking on defense), LDeng spotup for 3's and slashing from the weakside(6'9 framed defensive presence), Tony Allen defensive presence on R. Westbrook will shut down the Bulls offense!


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    I agree with NOH that there's absolutely no way that Allen is shutting down Westbrook. Allen is a decent, but not elite defender, and Westbrook is an elite PG.

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    That's interesting because people were saying Allen would shut down wade last round.

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    Bulls, its pretty close everywhere but the Bulls have a much more reliable 2nd scoring option in Bosh, I think some people are overrating D-West..

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    Quote Originally Posted by bustahyndes View Post
    CP3 is the 4th best player in the game don't forget that, and #1 PG
    And Westbrook is a Top 10 player in the league.....Top 15 at worst.

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    The Franchise bustahyndes's Avatar
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    Yeah, but there is a massive gap!

    This really is a great matchup!! So close atm

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    Bosh/Noah over West and Hibbert. Advantage Bulls.m

    Emeka Okafor - Joe Smith - Carmelo Anthony - Manu Ginobili - Jason Williams

    Al Jefferson - James Posey - Aaron McKie - Shaun Livingston

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