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Thread: Round 3: Magic vs Hornets

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    Round 3: Magic vs Hornets

    Orlando Magic

    Pg: Steve Nash/Darren Collison/Jameer Nelson
    Sg: Manu Ginobili/Courtney Lee
    Sf: Nicolas Batum/Carlos Delfino
    Pf: Paul Millsap/Al Harrington
    C: Tim Duncan/Omer Asik/Mehmet Okur

    Quote Originally Posted by BeeBall Reasons View Post
    This team has everything. I honestly can't think of a style of play that they wouldn't be successful at. Maybe isolation basketball, but that never really leads to winners anyway. Great 3 point shooters, defenders, passers, mix of youth and veterans, and role players. Really a team that meshes well together. Probably the most depth of any team not named the cavs. Doesn't need a guy to score 20 to win. Remove a player of your choice and I still think I could win a couple rounds. Only way I can see this team losing is if voters way overvalue ALL NBA star power.


    New Orleans Hornets

    PG: John Wall
    SG: Jason Terry
    SF: Michael Beasley
    PF: Kevin Love
    C: Andrew Bogut

    Avery Bradley
    OJ Mayo
    Elton Brand
    Jason Smith
    Gilbert Arenas
    Matt Barnes
    Martell Webster

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    I like the Magic in this one. I think Nash schools Wall, (though Wall uses his superior athleticism on a few excellent plays). Ginobili and Terry run each other ragged and cancel each other out. I'll take the frontcourt of the Magic over the Hornets any day. The only way I can see the Hornets winning is if Kevin Love goes completely berzerk, and Nash and Duncan all of a sudden remember how old they are and get tired out. I think this is easiest of the 3 matchups, as far as picking a winner is concerned. Wall and Beasley hurt the Hornets in their starting lineup as far as basketball IQ is concerned (especially going up against Nash and Duncan)

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    The reason I think the Hornets got this far is because their bench is so good. However I have the best bench in this thing, my team gets the W, primarily due to the fact the Hornets have no perimeter defenders starting against the best perimeter team. Bogut will be taken away from the paint by Duncan's shooting ability and use in the pick and roll, Love will be exposed for his lack of lateral quickness in Millsap Pick and Rolls as well.

    Love will get his points, but there are some chuckers and ball stoppers on this team that will really hurt them, they'll be a terror on the Boards, but I'll just have to live with that.

    Even if you disagree with everything I said, it doesn't erase the fact that my team is just more talented.

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    Max Contract Pelicans78's Avatar
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    I'm going with the Magic. They just look better on paper at most positions.

    Emeka Okafor - Joe Smith - Carmelo Anthony - Manu Ginobili - Jason Williams

    Al Jefferson - James Posey - Aaron McKie - Shaun Livingston

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    Where is WhoDatMan504? wish he would have gotten a chance to post before people voted.

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    The Hornets actually match up better against this team than mine imo (Bogut actually has a scoring C to nullify, no big bully SG like Joe, and Love isnt guarding Melo)

    But Magic and its not really close, kinda surprised the Hornets got this far

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