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Thread: Goran Dragic

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    Goran Dragic

    Goran Dragic will be the starting point guard in Houston if he decides to sign there.I have mentioned many times on my show that he would be one pt guard that would fit the Hornets so nicely. I really like his game.

    -handles,execute the pick and roll,passes off the dribble,run the break with terrific court vision,finds open cutters/shooters quickly,and delivers on the money passes.

    -his style game paired with Eric Gordon would give the Hornets one very fine backcourt combination, as he also has the deceptive handle and quicks to get into the lane plus nail the 3ball.

    - a crafty guard that would be a "terrific get" for the Hornets.

    -I hear he wants 10 million.
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    I would fully endorse this. We'd have to trade Jack. But I would love to have Dragic.
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    There seems to be a lot of hype about this guy. What are his stats? I'm curious to know.

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