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Thread: Hornets consider Nick Young

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    Hornets consider Nick Young

    It is what it is with Nick Young,his range is without question ( better from distance vs up close..rarely attacks the rim off the dribble) shot the 3ball 39% in 22 games with the Clips,37%,38.7% and 40.6 his first year.

    The Hornets (read my offensive evaluations at nola.com,3 part series) were last in the league in 3's attempted and made,they need that weapon on their offense to make up fpr empty possessions,and add to their scoring.

    Young is 6-7 who thinks shot first everything else is 2nd...serious lift in those legs...long ball shooter....doesn't rebound with that athletic abilty and quick lift,but he is PURELY a THREE BALLER...at his best when on the floor with players that can drive and kick it...loves to 'catch and drill it'...STREAKY.

    Has to be reminded that defense can be fun to play as well,only decent in that area.

    Would upgrade your 'long ball' requirement.
    1-What does not move is dead.What has speed,and mobilty has more possibilities,more life...quickness creates luck.

    2- Your Defense is only as good as your HELP/ROTATING defenders.

    3-Games are won while the ball is in the air.

    4- You design your roster to win a 7 game series not a one game confrontation.

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    Interesting. How does he affect the cap? Like hearing you on the radio btw.

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    I was on the bandwagon for him to join the team, but now I'm not. The minutes that would be allocated to him will diminish the playing time that X. Henry and D. Miller could have. I'm curious to see how X. Henry has progressed since the end of the season.

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    Between Henry, Rivers, Jack, Gordon, Vasquez (and maybe Dyson?) we are STACKED at the guard positions. That's not even assuming we go after Dragic. Jack can play off the ball if needed. Rivers will probably play a hybrid role... I just don't see where Young would fit in.

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