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Thread: Bucks vs Hornets

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    Bucks vs Hornets

    Milwaukee Bucks

    PG: Jrue Holiday/Patty Mills/Darius Morris
    SG: Monta Ellis/Kemba Walker/
    SF: Derrick Williams/Wes Johnson/James Jones
    PF: Zach Randolph/Udonis Haslem
    C: Greg Monroe/Robin Lopez/Bismack Biyombo


    New Orleans Hornets

    PG: John Wall
    SG: Jason Terry
    SF: Michael Beasley
    PF: Kevin Love
    C: Andrew Bogut

    OJ Mayo
    Elton Brand
    Avery Bradley
    Jason Smith
    Gilbert Arenas
    Matt Barnes
    Martell Webster

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    This was the closest one for me, both good teams, the Hornets had a better first 2 off of the bench, so I gave them the W. Had the Bucks kept Wallace they would have won.

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    Yeah same here, I give the edge to the Hornets b/c of the bench

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    Hornets, not really that close to me. Much better bench, and a guy that can close the game in Jason Terry.

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    Wow this is really close, the Bucks' backcourt will own the the Hornets'. But their lack of bench talent made me give it to the hornets

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