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Thread: Bulls vs Rockets

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    Bulls vs Rockets

    Chicago Bulls

    PG- Russell Westbrook/Ramon Sessions
    SG- Klay Thompson/Mo Williams
    SF- Shane Battier/Corey Brewer/Dahntay Jones
    PF- Chris Bosh/Lamar Odom/Gustavo Ayon
    C- Joakim Noah/Ben Wallace

    Team Description

    Quote Originally Posted by NOH2313 View Post

    The basic premise behind every good team is that it has one superstar. So I traded for Westbrook. Check. Next, I wanted to surround Westbrook with players who could run the floor with him, and stretch the defense in half court situations with their outside shooting. In comes Klay Thompson and Corey Brewer. Every good team needs secondary scoring options. I think Bosh is as good as those come. Now Bosh isn't an elite defender by any means, so I needed a Center who would do the dirty work and provide second chance points/opportunities. Done, with the trade for Noah. Lastly, a good team needs depth. And with that depth, there needs to be a good blend of offensive firepower and defensive prowess. Offensive firepower: Moe Williams and Lamar Odom. Two of the better scoring bench players in the NBA, including a former sixth man of the year. Ben Wallace and Ayon round out what I consider an excellent, versatile frontcourt. Sessions was a steal, and is an excellent 1 to bring off the bench. I needed a true point. Someone who could beat their man, penetrate, and make the high percentage plays. Sessions does all those things. Finally I needed a bit more depth and perimeter defense. In my opinion, Battier is one of the most underrated/underappreciated players in the league. He is extremely smart and continues to be one of the better perimeter defenders in the game. Watch Game 1 of the NBA Finals or the Lakers-Rockets series in 2008. Those games will give you a clue to just how good he has been and remains. Dahntay Jones was the last player I drafted. He gives my team an edge, additional perimeter defense, and outside shooting. All in all, I wanted a team that primarily runs the floor and utilizes Westbrook's talents. Check. I also wanted the team to be versatile enough to execute half court sets when neccesary. Check. I wanted the team to have a unique blend of offensive firepower and defensive intensity. Check. And I wanted to have a team with length. Check. Hope you like my team as much as I do.


    PG Deron Williams/JJ Barea/Jimmer Fredette
    SG Rip Hamilton/Vince Carter/Jodie Meeks
    SF Sam Young/Gary Forbes
    PF Blake Griffin/Jason Thompson
    C Nikola Pekovic/Greg Stiemsma
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    I hate Blake. he's also not the player you want next to Pek.

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    Bulls, if you have Sam Young Staring, you're not winning.

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    but then again the Bulls have Corey Brewer..This is really tight for me but I give the edge to the Bulls b/c Noah>Pek and they have a better bench

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    Quote Originally Posted by rbow. View Post
    but then again the Bulls have Corey Brewer..This is really tight for me but I give the edge to the Bulls b/c Noah>Pek and they have a better bench
    PMd you something about my depth chart.

    "I'm not going to allow my putative owner to answer that question, this is an NBA related press conference. Paul Tagliabue and Roger Goodell have collectively sung their praises of Tom and if uh ESPN has a problem with that tell Mr. Skipper to call me at my office."

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