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Thread: HR 2012 FD Tournament: Celitcs vs Timberwolves

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    HR 2012 FD Tournament: Celitcs vs Timberwolves

    -Vote for the team you think would win in a head to head game
    -Would prefer that you post and explain your vote a little bit
    -You can post a description in here about how you think your team matches up against your opponent
    -Feel free to discuss the matchups and argue all you want about who would win in the threads
    -You can vote for yourself

    Boston Celtics

    PG - Chris Paul - Jason Kidd
    SG - Brandon Rush - Stephen Jackson - Marco Belinelli
    SF - Ron Artest - Stephen Jackson
    PF - Ryan Anderson - Carl Landry
    C - Tyson Chandler - Chuck Hayes - Aaron Gray

    Team description:
    Quote Originally Posted by Bee-Fense View Post
    This team was built around the pick and roll brilliance of Chris Paul. Paul has been surrounded with the perfect plethora of shooters and big men capable of operating in the pick n roll. Anderson will act as the main pick and pop man, and with his incredible efficiency, should be a deadly target. With the defense and alley oop threat of Tyson Chandler, the Celtics will be diverse on both ends and look to pose a threat to any team.


    Minnesota Timberwolves:

    PG Kyrie Irving/Jeff Teague/Derek Fisher
    SG Eric Gordon/Thabo Sefolosha
    SF Dorell Wright/Dominic Mcguire
    PF Kenneth Faried/Matt Bonner/Josh Mcroberts
    C Chris Kaman/Hassan Whiteside

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    This is kinda close for me, Kyrie-EG is a perfect pairing, alot of it would depend on if Kaman would still be a chucking turnover machine while playing with better scorers. I'm gonna give the edge to the Celtics. Better bench, really good defense and shooting

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    Celtics for me. He built a good team around Paul and better bench.

    Emeka Okafor - Joe Smith - Carmelo Anthony - Manu Ginobili - Jason Williams

    Al Jefferson - James Posey - Aaron McKie - Shaun Livingston

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    Celtics, fit, fit, fit, fit. Just a well built team.
    Lack of a creating number 2 will kill this team down the road.

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    Pistol Pete Would Be Proud!! Trell's Avatar
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    Timberwolves! Two great young guards in Gordon and Irving. Hype player who will give you an extra positions in, Faried & Sefalosha. Great defense in Whiteside, Faried and especially Sefolosha! Great team, love how they where built with great offense, also with the defensive players. And with the scoring big in Kaman.
    2013-1014 is the season the Pelicans fanbase grows!!!!

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    celtics for experience and great fits

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    Felt the timerwolves have 3 backups starting and the Celtics only had one (maybe 2 on a good team). Chris Paul factor takes over and dominates the game.

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