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Thread: DRAFT COMPLETE, update your rosters, seeding

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    DRAFT COMPLETE, update your rosters, seeding

    Draft is complete! I autopicked for everyone who got skipped, those picks have a star next to them,you can change the pick if you want before the voting starts (kyrios, rubicon, asimo, neitzel, silverfoxx, ballsohard)

    So we'll be having the tournament soon in which people vote on the winner of matchups, and I think we're gonna have a top 12 seeding by vote so that 2 top teams don't end up playing each other in the 1st round, if that's cool with everyone. I'll probably have a thread up for that tomorrow.

    Everyone update/post your rosters in the rosters thread asap please, I'll need them for the seeding thread.

    Also you can post a description about your team and how they will play if you want, and I'll put it with your roster in the seeding thread, just have it up along with your roster in the rosters thread asap

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    Done. Also check your pm's please rbow.

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    hey rbow - what would you think about the tournament being double-elimination (to help out in case the two top teams are seeded next to each other) - kind of college world series - style.

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