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Thread: The Seattle OK Sonics

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    The Seattle OK Sonics

    We're 20 days into the NBA season, and while it's too early to judge this young, better than expected, Seattle team they are stuck in bad territory right now at 6-7.

    There's nothing really super about the Sonics right now, they're in mediocre land, stuck in OK city (Pun intended). This is the worst place to be in the NBA. Too bad to make the Playoffs and compete but too good to be in a position to draft a franchise changer, which this league revolves around. While still the 8th best team in the conference standings, the 9th ranked Los Angeles Lakers have recently pulled off a one sided trade with their in town rival which has brought back Lamar Odom. This could prove to push the Sonics out of the playoffs and into NBA purgatory.

    Luckily for the Sonics, the Eastern Conference is much more competitive, and Western conference elites such as the Spurs, Suns, and Rockets are aging. The Sonics starting front court is older, but the other 6 players in their 8 man rotation are all 25 or younger. They could potentially ride out the next few seasons and let young players improve. This team has a lot of promise. They are currently 4th in opponents points per game, with the three teams ahead of them: Spurs(7-3),Suns(8-2),and Wizards(11-4) all being elite contenders. However, the Sonics are also 3rd from the bottom in points per game, which is surprising because they play at a normal pace. The coach is mix and matching offensive game plans and scoring options in an effort to solve this issue.

    But If the Sonics want to get out of average NOW they need to fix their need through trade. The only thing this team lacks is a number one scoring option, who fits the coaches' offensive and defensive scheme. The Sonics reportedly are trying to accomplish this. They may have already offered some of their youth to bad teams for their older star players.

    There is still a lot of basketball to be played and the Sonics might pull off another trade or even become competitors with their current roster.

    Early season surprises:
    John Amaechi
    Averaging 17 and 7 Amaechi has proved he can be a great 2nd option on offense.

    Free Throws
    For such a poor 3 point shooting team (dead last at a horrendous 17% per game) the Sonics are 5th in free throw percentage (FIFTH!) at 75%. They also get to the free throw line 7th most in the league at 27.2 attempts per game.

    Perimeter D
    league leaders in opponents 3 point percentage at a terrifying 27.2%, also teams take and make threes on the Sonics at the lowest rate.

    Early Season disappointments:
    Andre Miller
    He's been injured with blurred vision (whatever that is) but that's no excuse for averaging 7 points and 7 assists per game. He still is only 21 and has tremendous game, No doubt in my mind he'll bounce back as the Sonics best player.

    almost 17 per game! 2nd worst in the league

    It's raining... like always
    13 and a half inches of rain fall!
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    Draft Diary:
    Brian Scalabrine looks unstoppable at USC, while he plays the center position he has the handles of a point guard. Sure #1 pick. He was highly recruited from his highschool Enumclaw, in Long Beach California, and is showing why.

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    "what an awful writer"

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