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Thread: Draft Reflection

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    Draft Reflection

    I just wanted to put some interest back into this thing by asking you guys
    1) How did you plan to do your draft?
    2) A team you think could be pretty dangerous
    3) Biggest Steal and reach of the draft

    I'll Start
    1) originally I wanted to pair wade with another #1 bigman scorer (Aldridge,Dirk,Gasol). That didn't work so I wanted Wade with Duncan and KG (both great veterans, midrange shooters, defenders even at their age) it became obvious that they weren't going to be there with my pick so I moved Wade and went spurs model with good passers, shooters, and defenders (other than Nash).

    2) Huge fan of Dwight (game not attitude), i'd have taken him #1, I like the Indiana Pacers, good shooters there too. Matchup nightmare that team.

    3) Steal: (still think it was Manu but I'm going to go with someone I didn't draft) I'll go with Luol Deng, who can do it all and is a descent 2nd option. Shouldn't have been 52nd, more like mid 30s
    Reach: Demarcus Cousins with the 22nd pick
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    Thanks man. As to building my team, I went straight for building around Dwight. Surrounding him with shooters was my plan, and it just so happens some of the best shooters for their position fell into my lap (Antawn Jamison, Daniel Green, Borris Diaw). I feel my team is more along the lines of scoring 90 ppg but holding the other team to 70.

    The biggest reach I would say was Ersan Illyasova. Fans of the guy (like me) were waiting in the wings to grab him in the 4th or so round, probably thinking that he was a well kept secret, then he went even earlier than I would've taken him. As for biggest fall, that might have very well been Nelson to you just a few minutes ago. Guy is a starting calibre PG, and Vasquez and Farmar(Thats me) got picked before him. Nice find.

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    1) I planned to create a balanced team, not only with a terrific bench, but with a superstar, go-to guy in Kevin Love. My team has a mix of guys who can contribute on offense and defense. Also, my team has a mix of young guys and veterans.

    2) My team can kill on a fast break, rebound, drain 3s, can play D/bring guys off the bench to play hardcore D, and can go win it all imo.

    3) Biggest steal: I got Avery Bradley in round 9
    Biggest reach: Ilyasova in round 2 easily
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    I was planning on taking Deron at 8 but I decided to wait on a PG since its the deepest position and PG led teams haven't won much recently. So once I got Melo I decided I needed to get a good #2 scoring option (Joe) and then a bunch of defenders/shooters

    Steal= Steve Nash, he should've been a 1st rounder easily, Biggest reach= Cousins

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