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Thread: Joseph Kony

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    Joseph Kony

    I know this isn't the place for this or anything, but who still support it? Like why did everyone give up on this campaign? Just because the guy lost his mind and turned into a miniature nude Godzilla? I just wanted to know can you guys support this campaign and help these kids! If I could keep giving money like I wish, I would, but I'm only a teen and don't have a job! But I'm
    Just saying please still support and help because this just isn't right how we participated and just stopped!
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    Ugh. I don't wanna even read that guy's name anymore until it's "Kony has been caught/killed" as a headline.

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    id be more willing to help if the charity/organization "Invisible Children" wasnt so shady. Ive read countless articles about people putting money into their cause and most of it not even going to finding Kony. Ive also read some stuff by african natives saying they dont want Western help in solving their issues. I do hope they kill this guy soon though, he's doing sick things to those kids.
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    It's a false cover up dude. Dont wanna be that "conspiracy nutjob" guy but I advise you NOT to believe everything you see. And besides, the main guy in the documentry recently lost his mind, he was caught making weird body jesters naked in Hollywood. Look it up man, but no homo involved lol.
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    It's another way to make money off of the people of Africa/African descent. That's it.
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    Well sorry for this thread because. I just found out Kony as either fled or has Ben killed about 5-7 years ago. Again I'm terribly sorry.
    This a link to a female who's from Uganda, as well as her parents.

    And heres the guy who blew up just as Kony did. But of course he's proven how it's a scam or what not. But here he goes, true facts here!

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