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Thread: new nba 2k association!

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    new nba 2k association!

    looking to add 1 to 3 more people to my online association. skill lvl will be pro and quarter length will be at 5 minutes. it will be a fantasy draft and 29 game season as well pm me for details. and if you play and do well on higher than pro please dont bother i want to keep it competative

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    I'll play if this is for ps3...

    psn = gamerxisback

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    invite sent, have 5 now looking for one more pm me or message me on psn: Robocoxx

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    drafts tonight! still need one more.

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    Robo, i'll play.

    "I don't know if people know I dislocated my pinkie finger. And [Tyreke] told me, 'You wanna go home or you wanna be here?' I want to be here. And he said, 'All right, then go tape it up and let's play. Let's go. We not stoppin' at no stores. Straight gas. That's what we do, just keep going.'"


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    k great ill pm u details

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    draft starts in 45

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    happy with the team i drafted But i would be willing to trade a couple player for the right player(s). Players on my trading block are

    James Harden - rated a 80

    Sam Young - rated a 68

    Alonzo Gee - rated a 67

    Looking for a starting SF or PG but open to hear any offers

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    ya you have a pretty good team considering how far back you drafted, felt bed every one was in top 11 except you
    im always open to trades ill take a look and maybe send you a couple. you looking for stars, young players and draft picks or what

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    Yeah I was hoping I was gonna get a high pick. Ive been wanting to build a team around Kevin Love for a while but I never get to draft him. He kept falling and falling and I got lucky he was there at my pick. Anyway, I have a TON of cap space so shoot me a trade and Ill let you know if im interested or just send me a list of players you would move and we can throw trades back and forth to see if both of us agree on one.

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    Good Game. On a side note i think this game decides who is gonna win the game before you start when you play the cpu. Me and a friend made an allstar team just to goof off and try to go undeafeted and win multiples champions ships back to back and we are a .500 team right now on pro setting. Im not talking about the best players, im talking eveyone on our team is 99 in everything and we still losing now how does that make any sense. Ok rant off sorry had to get that out there Back to normal talk I am enjoing this league soo much lol. I need to get on a serious winning streak or i will have a lotter pick lol

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    ya good game, but ya man i hear ya, no matter what def adjustments i make or what defender i use it seems the cpu always shoots well over 50% on me, and doesnt matter how big my lead is in the first half, they always seem to go on these crazy runs and then beat me in the fourth. that and im terrible on offense but theres no way on pro half these pg's are able to stay infront of rose defensively on a consistant basis. id like to think that i have a pretty good team but i am extremely under achieving at the moment.

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    I agree that this game can be very frustrating with all of the cheap tricks it pulls. I am also a victim of the 4th quarter comeback. Hope nobody Rage quits the league tho. Just understand that everybody has to go through the same BS against the cpu.

    I'm not sure if you guys know this, but when you have the ball you can call a pick by tapping the L1 button. Usually the PF or C will come set you a pick and then roll or pop. This might help you guys out on offense. I also go into settings and turn Playvision to "Full" and Offensive playcalling to "Auto". This way every time you come down court the cpu will call a play and show you where to be, your options to pass to, or where the pick will be set. This should help you get better quality shots. That's enough tips. Don't won't you guys to beat me when we play. Goodluck.

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    haha ya i need to go youtube how to.run an offense or something, ya iv raged over some bs the cpu does but ill never quit because of it, its a dynasty if i dont winthis year theres always FA and the draft and try again next season! ya i know about the pick and roll but d jordan has about a 12 rating for jump shots so no one respects him. i wanted a good big man in the draft but didnt want to use a really high draft pick on one with all that other better talent on the draft board plus i think a lot of them get drafted waaaay early. i like this little group weve got going on right now. might be adding one or two more guys though, trying to talk "gamebreaker" and one other guy into jumping in because they both claim to be on our lvl. but its kind of a hard sell to most people for a fantasy league when the draft has already happened, so we will see

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    ok quick question, does anyone know how the playoffs work? do i have to start them, or do they just start up wheneverit gets to that point in the season? and are the advances still the same? like will we have to play a whole series in one day?

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    LOL WHAT A FREAKING GAME!!!!!! Lost to a last second three point shoot from half court to get eliminated from the playoffs. O well time to start parcticing for the next season!

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    First part of offseason has started, player options, draft/FA priority lists ect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beefense12 View Post
    First part of offseason has started, player options, draft/FA priority lists ect.
    thanks for the heads up!

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    ya thats the last thing i want, for someone to get screwed, the way these crazy advances are..... and another heads up: im not sure if at 9pm cst tonight it advances to the draft and FA or at 9pm tonight it allows me to set a time for us to do the draft. If it lets me set a time ill probably set it up for either wed night or thurs night, if not then its happening tonight lol

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    Thurs night please or tonight

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    will try and change it to thurs, but if it doesnt allow me to then it stays tonight

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    how the f**k does a jeremy lin and next years first get you billinelli a rookie and two first rounds this year!!!! but my millsap and korver for hibbert and a first gets vetoed????? thats BS

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    lin and next years second*

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    Sorry all i did was use the trade finder

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    i hear ya, im not *****ing about u making trades or anything dont take it the wrong way. im more or less *****ing at the cpu logic that mine got rejected lol

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