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Thread: PS3 HR Online Franchise Page Team information

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    PS3 HR Online Franchise Page Team information


    Update: Much happier about my team today after the trade went through. Gave up a bounty, and young talent, but well worth it for my franchise goals. In LA it's winning or nothing, and I certainly thnk i've put myself in position.

    PG: Areans, Beaubois
    SG: K Bryant C. Lee
    SF: C Singleton
    PF: P. Milsap, D Arthur, Leur
    C: Hibbert, Mahinmi, Bonner

    Trade block:
    Kobe and Hibbert untouchable. Mahinmi is pretty important for me but would trade for a starter. Am motivated to let Areans go.
    Team Needs: A true PG, shooting the 3 is a big plus and a wing/3. Or a shutdown wing defender IE Tony allen or a Ronnie Brewer
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    Like this Idea, especially if everyone does it

    PG: Andre Miller, Isiah Thomas
    SG: Marcus Thornton, Malcolm Lee, Kyle Korver
    SF:Joe Johnson, Kawhi Leonard, Cartier Martin(??)
    PF: K.Love, Trey Thompkins
    C: Perkins, Hassan Whiteside

    Draft/Team Thoughts:
    Basically running a decent starting lineup out, however offensively have a black hole in Perkins, but that's not what he was drafted for anyway, basically the second team is led by Kawhi and consists of rookies with good potential that will (hopefully) develop into decent talent.

    Trade Potential:

    Perkins: Looking to move him for a more offensive-minded 4 or 5
    No one else really, but Thornton or Kawhi could be moved for the right price. Joe Johnson and K Love are the only ones that are untouchable unless there is some crazy trade

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    PG: Jeff Teague, Eric Maynor
    SG: Alec Burks, Brandon Rush, Mike Dunleavy
    SF: Ersan "Turk Nowitzki" Ilyasova, Mikael Pietrus,
    PF: Blake Griffin, Markieff Morris, Hakim Warrick
    C: Javale McGee, Marreese Speights

    Draft/Team Thoughts: The starting lineup has tons of potential, with everyone under 25 years old. I also tried to pick with a budget in mind, drafting players on rookie/budget contracts. If this team develops the way I'm hoping, we're going to be tough. I also have a gigantic frontline, with my SF-C 6'10 or over.

    Trade Thoughts: I don't want to trade any draft picks, and my entire starting lineup, with the exception of Teague is basically untouchable. At this point, I'm completely happy with my roster, having traded the one player I didn't want at all (Kobe, because he's 33, and has 20+ million and multiple seasons left on his deal.)
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    PG: CP3, Shelvin Mack
    SG: J.R. Smith, J.J. Redick
    SF: Terrence Williams, Luc Richard Mbah A Moute, Steve Novak
    PF: David West, C.Landry, R.Evans
    C: Tyson Chandler, B.Haywood

    Draft/Team Thoughts:

    I had to bring CP3 back! From there, I wanted to re-build that great core (CP3, West, Chandler) we had a years back on our championship run. I drafted guys that can run the break, but also guys that can shoot the ball well off kick-outs. With CP3 running the show, I wanted to give him some fun toys to play with. I've got shooters that can also put the ball on the floor and create their own shot; defensive-minded slashers that can penetrate, draw fouls and finish strong; post guys that can bang with the best as well as hit the "mid-range J" to keep the defense honest. And a couple of defensive anchors that will make the opposing team think twice before coming inside the paint.

    Trade Potential:

    No one is on the block at the moment. We'd like to see what we have as a unit so far and develop some on the court chemistry. We believe we have the talent to make playoffs, but time will tell.

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    Starters :

    PG : Monta Ellis (plays a few min at SG also)
    SG : Shannon Brown
    SF : Paul George
    PF : Kris Humphries
    C : Chris Kaman

    Bench :

    PG : Grevis Vasquez, Andrew Goudelock
    SG : Jodie Meeks
    SF : Anthony Morrow
    PF : Kenneth Faried, Taj Gibson
    C : Jason Smith

    Draft / Team Vision :
    Had a late pick in the draft (24th I think) so most of the players I wanted were gone by then. Because of the late pick I went with a "Denver" style approach and tried to get Top 10 talent at every position. Focused on Defense/Rebounding/All-Around type players. For backups I went with players that have a "specialty" that had a solid rating. IE shooters, length, rebounding, mid range, etc. Just tried to be solid overall with no necessarily "star" player. Also tried to get players with small contracts to keep my options open for trades or Free Agency. Made sure to get a long, athletic, defensive player (Paul George) to match up with the Durants and Lebrons.

    Trade Potential :
    Anyone on my team is available for the right player(s). I'm not attached to any particular player. Would be willing to trade role players or multiple players/picks for the right "star" player. Just depends on what players I am offered and if I like the player. Would also like to get some young talent with upside.
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    PG: Rajon Rondo/Goran Dragic
    SG: Kevin Martin/Tony Allen
    SF: MarShon Brooks/Danny Green/Carlos Delfino
    PF: Amar'e Stoudemire/Lamar Odom
    C: Nikola Pekovic/Chris Andersen/Greg Stiemsma

    Trade Block:
    Everyone but Rondo

    Draft Thoughts:
    I didn't think I went too bad, definitely weak at the C and I'm undersized in the post, hopefully a few trades can change that

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    PG: Kyrie Irving, Will Bynum, John Lucas
    SG: Shane Battier, Leandro Barbosa, Bill Walker
    SF: Steven Jackson, Alonzo Gee
    PF: Pau Gasol, Brandon Bass, Al Harrington
    C: Deandre Jordan,

    Draft/Team Thoughts:

    I felt that I drafted pretty good for having the LAST PICK OF THE DRAFT!! I was heated when I saw that, but none the less, pulled out a pretty decent team. Usually I build around the best play available, BUT, in this situation that was basically my entire draft mindset because of my draft position, LAST! I was happy to nab Irving and Gasol, they will definitely be my core. I was pretty satisfied with my draft. I was pretty mad that I was 2 picks away from draft both affalo and nick young, and thats when the next two picks were affalo and nick young. -____-

    Onto my team, my team is pretty balanced. I have gasol down low and irving running the show. Our length is also amzaing. With 6'8 battier defending the 3 and captain jack defending the 2, it will be hard for any wing player to get his points against us. All I need is a starter that can stretch the floor and defend. Battier can shoot but I need someone who can knockdown. I LOVE my bench. With Barbosa and Bass coming in, we do not lose a step against the 2nd unit of the opposing team.

    Trade Potential:
    Everyone except Irving. I will give up Gasol if I can get a stretch 2 who has starting ability and a 4 back who can post. Specifically, I want Greg Monroe or Andre Bargnani. But any 4 with a post game will do.
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