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Thread: Tonight's RAW **spoilers**

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    Tonight's RAW **spoilers**

    I know most of you watched the NCAA, but coming off a damn good mania last night, Raw was the best one I've seen in a looong time. Crowd was hot!

    some highlights:

    Rock delivered a great promo and says he will go for the WWE title again soon.

    Albert or A-train, returned as Lord Tensai, and sqaushed Alex Riley.

    ADR is back.

    Yes! Yes! Yes! is the new What!?

    Henry beat Punk via count out and Jericho wasted some Good Jack Daniels by pouring it out on Punk and smashing a bottle over his head.

    Cena owns up to his loss to the Rock and oh Brock Lesnar returned and F5'd Cena.

    even before the Brock run in, It was a solid Raw, can't wait for next week!

    Here comes the pain!!

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    It was a great follow-up to WM IMO. Better than expected IMO.

    Love how "YES" has caught on with the crowd. It was hilarious hearing it throughout the night even with Bryan not saying a word.

    I think Punk/Jericho will be a good storyline. I just hope they don't overplayed it and drown us (pun intended) with it.

    I'm not sure about the whole Rock-going-for-the-title-again story. The GF loves it though.

    Nice play by the Big Show on Cody Rhodes. However, I think they need to move on. Those two just seem to be on two different levels.

    Shameus vs. ADR can be good if they play it right.

    Lesnar/Cena can be something cool, especially if Brock can be the old Brock. In the end, I think it is all a set up for a heel-turn by Cena. I see him losing some more matches to fan favorites (Rock, Lesnar, etc.) before adopting a "**** the world" attitude.

    So with Lesnar back, any chances Sable can get into shape and reignite the Divas division? It seriously sucks right now. Lol

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    Omg!! I was not able to watch the NCAA title match. Raw was THAT good. Best one since summer of Punk!
    CAW CAW!!!

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    I thank this is a new Era guys called the People Power Era. What u think guys???

    Man I swear that was the most hilarious and awesome crowd I ever witnessed. Please future crowds keep this up!!! The crowd controlled the show! When raw comes here in May 28, ima be sure to be a crowd member, hopefully us NO will be awesome and loud! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!

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    I have this feeling that with Brock back, it may bring back more older fans to watch, and with that, WWE will tweak the product more to cater to more of an older audience while still being PG. In other words, get more serious and cut down on the silliness. I mean, you won't have crowds like Miami's every night. But, if more people start to watch and catch on to what's going on, who is involved, all the crazy chants, etc., you could see a resurgence of older fans and teens who want to see wrestling because it's "cool" again. We don't need another attitude era, just an era that's more serious, that focuses on wins and loses and no BS. Of course, we've been let down before so hopefully this is the beginning stages of the tide turning in WWE. At least that's what I hope for. Raw's like tonight make me want more, if they can do that consistently, business will pick up I think.

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