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Thread: Randy Moss to become a Saint soon???

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    Question Randy Moss to become a Saint soon???

    So apparently, Randy Moss worked out for the Saints and was said to look amazing. Sounds like Randy Moss is gonna be a Saint soon. Its said its the "Old Randy" with the amazing speed and agility . I dont know if to be happy bout this or unsure lol. What do you guys think about the idea of having the "old Randy" on this team??
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    If we can't sign Marques Colston to a long-term deal, Randy will be a great option. Our window of opportunity will only last for another 3-4 years. A motivated Randy Moss (imo, the best or second best best WR to ever grace the field) would make the best offense in the history of the NFL even better. Of course, that depends too on whether the offensive line stays intact since Drew can't get the ball to Randy without protection, but you get the point.

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