I don't like it. It just seems to be a disaster in the making. The teams are spread out too much. It just feels contrived. Imagine that conference matchup....Hawaii @ East Carolina. or vice versa...East Carolina @ Hawaii. I understand both conferences are being hit by attrition, but I don't really like the idea of a national conference like this. I prefer seeing it regionalized. It's like Boise State and San Diego State joining the Big East Conference. Really? I hope Tulane is successful in trying to move up, although they have a lot of work to do to be worthy of moving up. Although, I am encouraged by the moves they've made recently.
Now that I've bashed the C-USA/MWC merger, here's something I do like. The championship setup. Supposedely it's going to have semifinals and then a championship. Here's hoping the NCAA as a whole uses this for a playoff system. The bowl system is useless. I didn't watch a single bowl game, other than the LSU/Alabama game this year. Same last year. Only game I watched was the Auburn/Oregon championship. The other bowl games were meaningless. I'm sure to the kids and their families playing in those other games, the game meant something, but to the general public, it didn't matter. So if there is a playoff system installed in college football, leave the bowls intact for the teams that don't make the playoff. It doesn't reduce their significance, because they are not significant in the big picture now. The bowls could be college football's version of the NIT.