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Thread: I have to say it :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by NOhornets
    I think the 24/7 articles will blend in fine once the season starts up.

    I haven't been reading them recently because I don't think there's been any real news, but during the season everyone's always looking for Hornets articles and this board will easily be able to handle a 247 article per day.

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    Its the offseason during a lockout. There is nothing to talk about Hornets related. The place does seem flooded with H247 articles but thats because they are the only ones posting. That should correct itself once the NBA gets its act together. It is what it is. No need to get all worked up....

    But I guess it is a perfect time to make a donation to the site....
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    Quote Originally Posted by West Coast Hornet
    Who cares what you felt was necessary or not? I certainly don't. etc.....

    I felt it was necessary. We have a long history here with rock solid members. Of course, many of these people aren't around right now. I suppose we can speculate as to why. The lockout is a fine place to start.
    No one has disagreed with you yet. We know HR has a long history with a lot of "rock solid" members. BUT you took 42's comments the wrong way. He was simply pointing out a FACT, that without the H247 threads, HR would have a lot less going on during this lockout.

    I really like the H247 threads, and read mostly every article. I feel like once the lockout ends, or a new owner/re-brand happens, HR will be booming with threads like it usually is..Then we will have a nice balance between H247 and the usual threads from HR we are accustomed to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by West Coast Hornet
    I find it presumptious to make any statement of the sort you made when we have 10 years of history here and you are a newcomer, but whatever works for you works for me. If you like it, I love it!

    Good sir calm down. 42 has been contributing more to this site more than anyone else during this offseason and lockout giving us more to read than any other member. Yes, HR has had a looong great history without the partnership with 247 but this forum would be dead without them now. Sorry if that sucks to realize. Its only temporary though, so don't think too much into it man. Just this lockout. Not the site getting stale or anything like that. Its still a fantastic site filled with great contributors, just none of them are really checking in because, well, they know there wont be much here to read.

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