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    It just boggles the mind all this news coming out post tsunami and now with the reactors. We are seeing brave people, and we are seeing how a different society takes to these problems. Should be interesting what we learn from all of this and I know they have my prayers. If any society has proven they can bounce back from something like this it has to be the Japanese.
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    When i first heard about what happened i was told the death count was around 300. A few days ago i find out its above 10,000. just insane. my thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved.

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    Very sad about Japan almost everything that could of went wrong did.. hopefully they can contain the nucleur leakage and get everything the survivors need. I heard around over 20 countries are helping which is great to hear. My prayers go out to everyone affected by this.

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    Odd that there are no people in japan carrying big screen tvs and looting. Must be a local thing.

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    It was such a scary time for everyone! My friends even said that the most amazing country in the world could fall apart. I never believed that and now I hope everyone is healthy and safe in Japan.

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