To All New Orleans Basketball Fans:

First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alex Martins, and I am the Director of Operations for the Hornets in New Orleans. I want to apologize for any confusion that the ticket deposit process may have caused. I am sure you are all aware of the volume of contacts we have received since announcing our desire to relocate to New Orleans.

The concern over your priority date is understandable. Let me reassure everyone that if you have a deposit on record your priority date has been established. Also, we are continuing to contact those who expressed interest in tickets before we were able to take deposits. The date of your original contact will be used as your priority date. To assist in answering any questions or concerns fans may have with their deposit or the ticketing process, we have established an e-mail address where fans can contact us with specific questions at [email protected] . We will reply as soon as possible to your questions or concerns either by phone or by e-mail, depending on your preference.

Thanks for your support as we strive to bring the Hornets to the Crescent City.

Alex Martins

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